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Mobile: +63 922 962 8378

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Choose a layout for your polo shirt

Want a plain and classy polo shirt? or want to get your creative juices into action? This is all about what you, your company or event stands for. If you get stuck, check out some of our previous works to get you going. 


Choose the colors you want for each part of your polo shirt - the body, the sleeves and your add ons if you have any. Don't forget that because you're getting a customized polo shirt, you should get the say of the collars and cuffs - a single striped or double striped in the colors you want. The perfect polo fits. So make sure you check out which size/s you're going to take. 


We're half way done in planning the chic look for your polo shirt.



There are a lot of ways to put a design on a shirt. You can choose from computerized embroidery, silk screen printing or digital printing, whichever you think fits best. 


Take note of the placement of your design. For a more corporate and formal look, adding the company logo or quote at the upper right part of the body says professional any day. 


You can put your logo or artwork on the front (upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left, middle chest), on the back (upper back, middle back, lower back), or at the sleeevs (left or right).


And you're done with planning and ready to get your customized polo shirt.

Add your design or artwork